Leading By Example: Inspirational Business Women In The United Kingdom

Women continue to claim their rightful stake in the world of business. Go back 50 years, maybe even 20 and you’ll find that not very women even considered starting their own businesses back then. Today, they are the shining light in the market, generating billions of pounds annually and employing millions of people.  Find more about business women at Joanna Shields success stories.

Although the journey is just starting, there are several women in business across the UK whom you can look to for inspiration. These women aren’t just entrepreneurs; they are leaders who live every second of their lives trying to better the society. Sometimes the journey to the top can be intimidating; these are the women who have come out to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to keep working hard.

Here are 5 selfless UK business women who’ve proved to be truly inspirational;

1. Archie Archer
Archie Archer’s story began back in 1995 when she sold all her worldly possessions to raise money to fly to India with a dream of starting an events and entertainment agency. Though she only managed to raise £1,000 she went ahead with her plans and look what happened – in 2003, she created Contraband International that now supplies over 6,000 performers to more than 1,500 events every year.

2. Melissa Burton
Melissa is the founder of award winning confectionary brand – Good Good Stuff. But Burton isn’t just looking after Good Good Stuff, she has played key roles in management of large scales of property portfolios. In 2011, she was named one of the “42 Under 42 Leading Business Figures” by the North West Business Insider. In the same year, Burton was named “Best Entrepreneur in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.”

3. Dr. Rebecca Harding
Dr. Rebecca is the founder and CEO of Delta Economics, a go-to marketing intelligence and research company currently serving some of the biggest business across Europe. Her clients have included Microsoft, HSBC, and The European Union. She has also worked with think-tank and corporate organizations including Work Foundation, London Business School, and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

4. Kate Craig-Wood
Co-founder of the IT Hosting company Memset, Kate is also an influential figure at BCS’s Delta Center Specialist Group. She remains the youngest ever main board member of Intellect UK and chairs Intellect’s Climate Change Group. She also co-leads the Cabinet’s Office and App Store Project. Kate says that her biggest challenge is “Being taken seriously as a leader in the male dominated Technology Industry.”

5. Alyssa Smith
Alyssa is the founder and owner of the famous Alyssa Smith Jewelry. She graduated from college with little business experience or funds to start her own company. But being so smart, after spending a few years researching as she worked in the jewelry industry, she started alyssasmith.co.uk, an online jewelry store. From then on, she has never looked back. Today, her designs are won by celebrities all across the world.

We can all learn something from these women; that through unrelenting determination we can achieve our dreams. Some sold personal property to fund start-ups and others had to work for several years as they learnt. Whatever it takes, if you’re patiently determined, you will definitely live to taste success.